The only place where I find peace of mind during the week, a place where I’m re-charging and able to focus on only one thing for hours on end, is in front of the sewing machine. I’ve been a sew junkie since I was 10 and my creativity could run freely in my mom’s workshop, who was a costume designer in my childhood years. I love to transform old garments into new favorite pieces of clothing, but lately I have grown fond of following patterns, preferably creating something from old and used fabrics. It’s such a neat, clear and easy process to sew clothing from scratch.


Ingrid B:

I discovered sewing 3,5 years ago because I was looking for a new hobby. I completely fell in love with it when I understood that I could easily create as beautiful garments as those available in stores and I spent every available hour teaching myself how to sew. Initially, I only sewed by following patterns and with new fabrics, but as I got more and more confident with my sewing, I started adjusting the patterns and adding elements so that I could design my clothes exactly how I wanted them.


Since I was a youngster I’ve had an insatiable urge to create. And during my studies within fashion and costume design I got specially fixated about creating things properly, preferably following the most challenging procedure and with proper materials. I’ve specialized within pattern construction, sewing and I’m crazy obsessed with the fabulous printing method, silkscreen printing <3 I love building things and I’m also above average practically oriented.

Ingrid VL:

I began sewing when I was 10, borrowing my grandma’s sewing machine so that I could sew my own J-Lo inspired dresses, with thigh high slits and spaghetti straps. Not sure if J-Lo would wear my old curtains, but I felt beautiful :) I love reuse and redesign and to create new garments from old fabrics. For me, the magic with sewing is to create something you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I’ve learned to sew through trying and failing (a lot) on my own. My philosophy is: Create whatever you want, and if you’re happy with it, then that’s good enough.