What does it mean to follow a pattern?

Every garment consists of different parts that are sewn together. A pattern is a template with all the pieces you need in order to make a garment. All you’ll have to do is print the pattern, cut the pieces of paper accordingly and thereafter cut the same parts from a piece of fabric. Sew all the pieces together and voila! You’ve made your very own garment! It kinda feels like magic. Following a pattern might actually be the perfect introduction to sewing for newbies. And don’t worry, you’ll always have a sewing partner in one of our how-to videos to hold your hand, all the way until you proudly can wear your homemade garment and feel that sense of achievement! Afterwards you’ll probably want to create another one, but maybe with a few adjustments. Then it’s pretty good that all of our patterns are super easily adjusted and reusable, again and again. Head over to our Instagram account @jointhefaebrik for lots of inspiration and how-to videos on how to hack the patterns into lots of other garments.

How do I use the PDF pattern?

After purchasing a pattern you’ll receive an email with a PDF which needs to be printed. Make sure that your printer doesn’t scale the pattern, but keeps its actual size (100 %). Measure the test square to make sure that the printed version is correct. Tape the pages together like shown in the overview. The pages should be printed in the correct order, so by placing the pages next to each other horizontally, you’ll see that it matches the overview.

What kind of equipment is necessary?

You don’t need any advanced equipment for the patterns we publish. You need a sewing machine which can sew straight and zig-zag seams. A pair of scissors, measuring tape, pins, thread and an iron is also necessary. If the pattern requires any additional equipment, then it will be listed in the instructions.

What kind of fabric should I use?

Our patterns can be sewn by using almost any fabrics. If you consider yourself a newbie then you should go for a fabric which feels stable. A fabric that is easy to manage and behaves like you want it to, like cotton without stretch. It’s a lot easier to handle compared to thinner, smoother fabrics. We recommend you to go for a type of fabric that you really like and will be comfortable wearing. And last but not least, we strongly recommend you to look for old fabrics you could upcycle :-)

What if my upper body is one size and my lower body is another?

The most important for The Wrap Dress pattern is that your upper body measurements are correct. Measure yourself and compare it to the sizes in our size chart, then you’ll find which size is the best fit for you. If the garment ends up being a bit too big, then you could try to cut the pattern pieces without the seam allowances next time.